COVID19 Policies

We here at MJPAA are very excited to get back to dancing in the studio this Fall! We want to share what we are doing to prepare to keep our dance family safe and healthy this Fall. Classes might look a little bit different, but we are still focused on building happy, healthy, confident, and fit dancers!

Listed below are ten ways we have adjusted to keep our students, teachers, and families safe when returning to class!

#1. Class sizes will be limited.

There will be a maximum of 9 students in classes in Room 1 and 3, and a maximum of 8 in Room 2. We have taped boxes on all studio floors in order to clearly mark students personal space bubbles and ensure social distancing. The same has been done with our Ballet Barre’s.

#2. Masks will be required at all times for staff and students ages 5 and up.

Following the Mask Ordinance in St. Louis City and County, students and staff will be required to properly wear a face mask at all times. Masks will be optional for our youngest students ages 2-5 (Preschool and Tots on the Move class only). While we understand masks are not ideal, wearing masks is the only way for us to safely reopen. Teachers are taking masks into account when planning lessons, making sure that students will have plenty of breaks and be able to hear directions clearly. We encourage finding your dancer a fun re-useable mask to wear to class!

#3. Everyone’s temperature will be taken at the door.

When your student arrives a front desk attendant will take their temperature with a no touch thermometer. Everyone will also be offered hand sanitizer at this time. If a student is running a fever they will not be allowed to participate in class and we will send them home. In addition, if a student gets in to class and begins to exhibit other symptoms, like coughing, we will also send them home. Our dance family is a large network of people and we will act with an abundance of caution in order to protect them!

#4. One parent per student under the age of 10 will be able to remain in the Lobby during class beginning August 23rd.
Everyone over the age of 5 is required to wear a mask inside the studio. If your student is over the age of 10 please plan to continue using the Drop Off/Pickup system. You are also still welcome to Drop Off/Pick Up with students under the age of 10 if you would prefer.”

#5. Our Lobby has been divided with tape to give every dancer a socially distanced space to put their bags, shoes, and water bottles.

Our shoe racks have been removed for the time being to prevent students from crowding one another.

#6. Classrooms will be sanitized between each class. 

All classes now have 10-15 minutes in between in order for teachers and front desk attendants to sanitize any props, mats, etc before the next group of students comes in. Front desk attendants will have an hourly cleaning schedule to sanitize the bathrooms, door handles, and other high touch places in the studio.

#7. Our water fountain will be closed for the time being.

Please send your dancer with a water bottle for class!  Water breaks will be offered in the lobby where students can distance themselves from one another.

#8. We have added new HEPA UV LED Air Purifiers to all the studios and they will run 24/7.

UV light is effective at killing viruses and does not release any other toxic substances into the air. This is an added safety net, because going above and beyond is what our families deserve!

#9. Aerial Silks will be sprayed with a sanitizing spray between classes and will be washed once a week.

Students will have assigned silks and will stay at their silk throughout class. Partnering and switching silks will not be included in this session of Aerial, though we hope to get back to it in the future!

#10. The last and final step is the most important- if your student or family has been exposed to Covid-19 or anyone in your family is sick please, please, please do not bring your student to class!

We have expanded Zoom capabilities and we are happy to Zoom your student in to class until you are sure it is safe for them to come to the studio. Our faculty have a no questions asked Sick Policy, meaning that if they are not feeling well they will NOT be teaching class. Instead we have plenty of substitutes lined up. Our communities health is reliant on us all being honest, careful, and compassionate so that we don’t spread germs unnecessarily.